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Although Maribor is considered as the city of wine, after all, on Lent grows the oldest vine in the world and the surrounding hills are covered with vineyards, in the past the brewery activities were also very developed. Beer was welded in the very centre of the old town in the first half of the 18th century. City’s brewers were always most respected citizens, one of them even became the mayor.

Beer Tour will take you through some charming corners of the town, which are directly connected to the city’s history of beer. The tour will be led by the former brewer Franc Čeligi. We are fully aware, that during this walk, a person becomes thirsty, so we will stop several times and taste different types of beer.

To beer or not to beer!

Duration: 2-3 hours

The price includes: guided tour with Franc Čeligi and interpretation at tasting of 17 home welded beer samples at 4 different stops.

Price: 33 €

Option with special gadget, that includes a T-shirt: 44 €


Under the surface, every city hides a completely different world, invisible, unknown, mysterious and sometimes scary to most of the people. But on the other hand, this underground makes people excited and develops imagination. In this underground Maribor citizens used to assemble motors for aircraft, hide from bombs, nourish wine, and in some places rock’n’roll is still played loud. All this and more will experience participants of the Down and Under tour.
Do not be afraid, be curious!

Duration: 3 hours

The price includes: guiding, visiting the trench beneath old factory of Tam, visiting and tasting of wine at the Vinag’s wine cellar, visiting the Voice of the Underworld and the Vinyl Factory with the workshop.

Price: 39 €


Where we can find water, we also can find life. The seas, lakes and rivers were always splitting and connecting places, cities, people at the same time. And Maribor is no exception. The river Drava was for many centuries the window into the world and rafting on woody boats played an important role in everyday life.

Participants of the Wet Path will gather at the Čolnarna Ruše and first try out the raft games. Afterwards, they will board the raft and will, accompanied by a life concert sail along the river Drava to the Lobik brewery. In addition to seeing and learning about beer welding processes, there will not be a lack of experience in tasting.


Duration: 3 hours

  • Price 45 €