Maribor, second biggest city of Slovenia, is experiencing a rapid growth of tourism flows and is becoming more and more attractive to visitors seeking to uncover new places. Simultaneously, local actors are not as connected as they could be, the stories presented are scattered and lack a systematic and coordinated approach. There is no strategic marketing and the public structures of support are not working. Moreover, there are challenges in collaborating with neighbouring cities. The only existing destination manager - the Tourism Bureau of Maribor - should be abolished...

What to do in this absence of structure, scattered private interests combined with growing tourism flows? How to build a sustainable and successful supporting ecosystem? How can tourism in the city become and remain sustainable? And how will it contribute more to the economic growth and quality of life in the city?

These are some of the guiding questions, that you, 5 international practitioners from the field of creative and cultural tourism are going to explore, together with local actors. 3 days of analysis, research, diving into local cultural and tourism structures, studying local resources, interviewing local tourism and cultural actors and finally using your broad knowledge and expertise to find answers to current challenges of Maribor tourism. Together with a local team you will define next steps that Maribor tourism should take!

Maribor tourism snapshot presentation; Barbara Izlakar, Igor Unuk

Official greeting letter for workshop

 Dear all

we are just waiting for you to arrive and (re-)discover with us our hometown Maribor and its crazy sides :) We even ordered the best weather, young wine, chessnuts and coloured leafs in order to welcome you with everything we got!

Following are the 5+1 tasks & information you need upon arrival :)


What do you know about Maribor? 

// 0 Task: write down 5 tag words you would use for describing the city. And write down where you got the information from.


Some of you arrive to Maribor directly, by bus, train etc. Please contact Mateja +386 51 261 849 upon your arrival, so she can give you next coordinates :)

For some of you we organised a pick-up - Jure, a tall guy, you wont miss at the arrivals place in Graz. For any case: this is his telephone: + 386 41 600 794

// 1st task: Analise the possibilies of travel to Maribor. What is your first impression of the city? Who is the first person in Maribor you talk to?


We want you to discover different town accomodations, therefore we booked different places for you. Upon your arrival, Mateja or Jure will give you the possibility to choose, where you will stay for next 3 nights - Choose wisely! :)

// 2nd task: Describe, rate, analise your accommodation. The staff, location, arrangements.


Since most of you arrive already on Wednesday the 17th.10.2018, we prepared a small get-together in Isabela, Poštna ulica 3, Maribor

// 3rd Task: Drink one local drink :) & Enjoy!


Our working space is in 1st Floor of Vetrinjska ulica 30, Maribor, a renovated former monastery and in 2012 headquarters of ECOC Maribor 2012.

The Labs shedule is from 9.30 - 17.00 every day, so please take care of your body&sleep requirements :)

// 4th Task: tell us 1 rehearsal we can all do, to regain our energy.


Most of the time, we will stay in the vicinity of the accommodation&working space.

But in order to discover the city, we will walk a bit more than usualy.

// 5th Task: Bring good walking shoes, also for rainy days!


During 3 days you, a group of international practitioers, will join local actors to discuss, reflect and co-design a creative tourism development approach for the city of Maribor. We will share ideas and thoughts about cultural & creative tourism practices (in small and mid-sized cities) according to your knowledge, experience and vision. Starting from a local perspective over Maribor’ current situation regarding culture and tourism context, we will be stimulated to observe and perceive a territory from a broader to a more detailed perspective. Topics such as cultural mapping, sustainable tourism, culture & tourism policies and territorial development strategies will be addressed in order to help us to co-design a creative tourism development model for Maribor. From a systemic perspective Maribor is embedded in the broader global context of the Bosch Alumni Network and therefore is a perfect starting point to create a community of practise on creative tourism in small and mid-sized cities and rural areas. This IdeaLab will work as a pilot for BAN future initiatives on the sustainable cultural tourism and creative tourism topics. Based on an experimental approach, this IdeaLab has a prototype function to develop a common vision and create a community of practice within BAN regarding creative tourism and sustainable cultural tourism on a european/global level

7. WEATHER: from 5 - 25 degrees Celsius, should stay sunny, with very little chance of rain.

We are looking very much forward to meet you all :)

Katja & Team

A sunny day! Sončen dan! Einen sonnigen Tag!

additional information:

1. Meet&Greet on Wednesday is from 19.00 on in Isabela, Poštna 3, Maribor

2. Thursday, 18.10. we have coffee from 9.00 in Vetrinjski - please do be there the latest at 9.30, so we can start on time :)