Slovenian Incoming Workshop 2019


WARM Welcome -

The Mariborian way

Meet Maribor, simply because it is cool


Maribor - a sunny city in the north of a small country in the heart of Europe - will  fascinate you with the hospitality and homeliness of its people and its vibe. A relaxed and carefree sightseeing of the city's central attractions will not leave you disappointed. An abundance of greenery, fascinating markets, a wide and tranquil river, delicious food and an invigorating wine drop, the oldest vine in the world, a diverse past and a colorful present - all this and more will awaken an easy-going feel and nonchalance. Be ecologically conscious and take a ride on the e-scooter through the city that will inspire you with its natural playfulness.


The price includes: 

  • a guided tour with electric scooters

  • view of the main city attractions

  • a glass of a local wine

Duration: 2 hours

Max. № of participants: 15 persons

Price: 30,00€/per guest



Subterranean spaces

Explore what lies beneath the surface of the second largest city in Slovenia


In its core, Maribor hides innumerable secrets of past and recent history. The city, which is almost entirely covered with underground tunnels and spaces, will invite you into its depths and lead you through its diverse underground world. You must visit the underground tunnels of Styrian Aircraft Stations, which have been of key importance to the German military industry of the 3rd Reich, and the largest classic underground wine cellar of Central Europe, located directly below the city center. If you have time, you can also visit the band practicing area of local rock musicians in a former bomb shelter, taste a local drink in one of the smaller private wine cellars, or listen to any of the art events in the club KGB or jazz club.


Duration: 2,5 hours

Max. № of participants: 25 persons

Price: 30,00€/per guest

The price includes: 

  • a guided tour of the underground system built in WWII

  • guided tour of Vinag's cellar

  • tasting of three different wine samples



Wine foray



Maribor is undoubtedly a city of wine, as it is surrounded by vine-growing hills everywhere.The vineyards reach the center of the city and frame its surroundings. Below the city is one of the largest classic wine cellars in Central Europe, and the pearl of the city is the oldest still-born vine in the world, which counts almost 450 years and grows on Lent, the oldest part of the city. The Archduke Johann, a grandson of the famous Maria Theresa, was credited to be responsible for the development of the wine culture in this area. Come to a wine trail around the city, where you will be able to taste local wine drops at several locations, only a few steps apart. 


Duration: 3 hours

Max. № of participants: 50 persons

Price: 30,00€/per guest

The price includes: 

  • wine themed guided tour with Archduke Johann

  • visit of Vinag and Le Vino wine cellar + The World’s oldest Vine!

  • 9 different local wine samples


Slovenian Incoming Workshop 2019 web page

Slovenian Incoming Workshop 2019 web page